Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is Notre Dame a trap game?

All the talk in the media and among UCLA fans is that the Bruins will smoke Notre Dame, and handily, no ifs ands or buts about it. Vegas is on board too, spotting the Bruins 20+ points. And, from the interviews I've seen with the players, it looks like they are pretty "confident" that they'll beat ND.

Confidence is great, but with such "easy" games in the Dorrell era, we've seen more often than not that UCLA finds a way to lose them. It's usually because they underestimate a team or don't "get up" for the game. We've seen it with Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Fresno State and Florida State in recent years. How many excuses have we heard from the players after such games that they just weren't "prepared" or didn't play up to their potential?

While I agree with the majority and can't imagine UCLA losing this game, I still wouldn't put it past them to drop the ball on this one. After what I experienced at the Utah game, I don't think I'll ever chalk up any game as a guaranteed UCLA win before it actually happens, unless they schedule a high school team.

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