Monday, September 24, 2007

Why is Curious Karl Still Coaching at UCLA?

It's been 5 years of mediocrity, inconsistency, and sometimes just dumbfounding decision making and flat out blunders that have cost UCLA games and ruined seasons, yet Karl is still running the show.

The west coast offense has been a failure, besides the one year with Tom Cable calling the plays and Drew Olson (took him three years to get the offense), Maurice Drew and Marcedes Lewis executing them. We went 10-2, but also had the obligatory meltdown game against a doormat team (Arizona) and another thrashing at the Coliseum, where we haven't been competitive in years.

While the 2008 recruiting class may be Karl's best yet, he's had 4 others in the past that weren't exactly slouches, but have yet to yield the expected results. With 20+ seniors that have been in the fold for four years or more, the 2007 season is quickly proving that players just don't develop well under Dorrell. By now, these players should have developed discipline, a hunger to win, the ability to play with consistency, and a mean streak that all great football players should have.

Bruin fans are losing patience with Dorrell, yet the AD doesn't seem to notice or care. If the 2007 season doesn't produce at least 10 wins, it's definitely time for a change. Otherwise, many loyal fans and boosters might just get fed up and jump ship, sending the program spiraling towards irrelevance in the college football universe.

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